Elevating the 2023 Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce Icon Awards with Creative Excellence

Client: Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce
Project: In-studio Videography and Motion Graphics for the Icon Awards
Challenge: The 2023 Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce Icon Awards, an event celebrating excellence in business, needed a dynamic and visually striking presentation for its 22 nominee videos. The challenge was to create a cohesive and engaging experience that would leave a lasting impression on attendees and online viewers.
Solution: Our agency stepped in with a comprehensive solution. We combined in-studio videography with captivating motion graphics to craft a branded graphics package that would set the stage for the event.


  1. In-Studio Videography: Our team brought the nominee stories to life through high-quality videography. We conducted interviews, captured candid moments, and highlighted the remarkable achievements of each nominee.
  2. Motion Graphics: To tie everything together, we designed a stunning set of motion graphics that seamlessly integrated with the event’s branding. These graphics not only introduced each nominee but also created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.
  3. Branding Package: The creation of a branded graphics package ensured a consistent and polished look throughout the event. From lower-thirds to transitions, our package enhanced the overall visual experience.

Results: The 2023 Icon Awards were a resounding success, and our contributions played a pivotal role:

  • Engagement: The nominee videos, with their compelling visuals, garnered significant attention both during the event and on social media.
  • Memorable Experience: Attendees praised the cohesive and visually captivating presentation, making the event unforgettable.
  • Client Satisfaction: The Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce expressed their delight with the final result, and their partnership with our agency for this event.

Takeaway: Creative excellence and a strategic approach to in-studio videography and motion graphics can transform any event into a memorable and engaging experience. If you’re seeking to elevate your brand or business, consider the power of visuals to make a lasting impact.

Looking Forward: We’re here to help your B2B or B2C business shine with top-notch video, motion graphics, and branding. Let’s collaborate on your next project and create something exceptional together. Contact us today!

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