Vonspoke – Tailored Branding for a Fearlessly Savvy Digital Marketing Agency

Client Background: Vonspoke is a new-age Digital Marketing Agency that prides itself on delivering tailor-made marketing solutions to its clients. Their unique approach finds inspiration in the world of bespoke tailoring and French cycling / racing heritage, resulting in a brand that is clean, uncluttered, and effortlessly communicates their core values of trust, flexibility, and confident marketing.

Client’s Vision: Vonspoke approached our brand agency with a clear vision and set of values:

1. Bespoke Solutions: They wanted their brand to reflect the flexibility they offer in crafting custom solutions for their clients. No packages, just tailored strategies.

2. Trust and Honesty: Vonspoke’s commitment to building trust with clients through honest communication and execution was paramount.

3. Confident and Fearless: They wanted to embody confidence, fearlessness, and a bold approach to marketing. Their brand was to be the neon pink and black-watch plaid of the marketing world.

4. Learning and Growth: Vonspoke recognized that success isn’t always a linear journey; they wanted to emphasize the importance of learning and growing together with their clients.

Target Audience: Vonspoke’s audience is a diverse mix of fresh-faced startups, as well as modern and hustling experienced firms with a vision. They appreciate being in the know but remain humble and open to learning, and they bring that approach to all stages of their business.

Brand Feeling: The essence of Vonspoke’s brand is captured in three words: bold, confident, and informed. They are risk-takers, but their risks are calculated based on a blend of experience, research, and gut instinct.

Our Approach: To bring Vonspoke’s vision to life, we embarked on a comprehensive branding journey:

1. Visual Language: We drew inspiration from bespoke tailoring, incorporating clean lines, precise typography, and a limited color palette to communicate the idea of tailored solutions. The use of a pointer element added a directional and framing element for a touch of uniqueness and boldness to the brand.

2. Logo Design: Clean, and built on a foundation of foundation of heritage tracing and Bauhaus sensibility, the logo becomes a definitive, with the period guiding the eye to the tagline through use of color. 

4. Tagline: Vonspoke’s tagline was crafted to reflect their confident and fearless personality. The word tailored was carefully chosen to reflect the bespoke nature of each client relationship

5. Website Visualization: Pre-work for Vonspoke’s digital presence was done to showcase how the brand elements can manifest on any platform and scenario.